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Name Period Download
Acosta Fonseca Alfredo 2002-2012 Click here
Aguilar Fernández Carlos Luis 1999-2012 Click here
Aguilar Fernández Gerardo 2008-2015 Click here
Alfaro Murillo Juan Carlos 2015-2016 Click here
Alvarado Boirivant Luis A. 1992-2015 Click here
Amador Rojas Nydia María 2002-2015 Click here
Amador Samuels Mario 1992-2015 Click here
Amuy Jiménez Elena 2007-2010 Click here
Asch Hayling Karen 2007 Click here
Ballestero Blanco William Fernando 2015 Click here
Barboza Araya Arnoldo 1995-2015 Click here
Boatman Thames Gerardo 2005-2008 Click here
Barrantes Rivera Clemencia 2012-2014 Click here
Biolley Muñóz Walter 1988-2015 Click here
White Mora Jorge Elesbaan 2015-2016 Click here
Bogantes Heads Eric 2015 - 2016 Click here
Brenes Mata Eduardo 2000-2011 Click here
Brenes Mata Ottón 2006-2008 Click here
Calderón Castro Antonio 2006-2010 Click here
Camacho Solano Mauro 2005-2008 Click here
Camacho Solano Mauro 2011-2018 Click here
Castro Chacón Laura 2015-2017 Click here
Castro Cordero Rodrigo 2011 Click here
Cavallini Corrales Oscar Enrique 1986-2012 Click here
Céspedes Garbanzo Marvin 2005-2015 Click here
Chinchilla Mora Henry 2006 Click here
Chinchilla Mora Henry 2007-2010 Click here
Chinchilla Mora Henry 2011-2015 Click here
Cob Saborío Pablo 2004-2006 Click here
Cob Saborío Pablo 1989-2014 Click here
Cordero Gamboa José Eduardo 2002-2012 Click here
Cordero Gamboa Marco Antonio 2000-2006 Click here
Cordero Gamboa Marco Antonio 2006-2012 Click here
Corella Castro Luis Fernando 2009-2012 Click here
Corrales Granados William 1996-2015 Click here
Corrales Solano Henry 1984-2015 Click here
Corrales Zúñiga Rodrigo 2015-2018 Click here
Coto Chacón José Alberto 2015-2018 Click here
Coto Ramírez Silvia Rosa 2018 Click here
From the Arguello Teófilo Tower 2011-2014 Click here
From the Tower Argüello Teófilo 2006-2008 Click here
Delgado Quesada Felix 2006-2009 Click here
Doryan Garrón Eduardo 2010-2011 Click here
Fernandez Flores Carlos Francisco 2007-2014 Click here
Fernandez Flores Carlos Francisco 2014-2016 Click here
Fernández Mora Yolanda 2007-2010 Click here
Red Fuentes María Soledad 2006-2010 Click here
Red Fuentes María Soledad 2014-2015 Click here
García Córdoba Rigoberto 2001-2011 Click here
García Jiménez Arlyn 2014-2017 Click here
García Pastora Reymar Alfonso 1992 - 2018 Click here
Garrido Alvarado Fructuoso 2003-2015 Click here
Garro Varela Jorge 2005-2011 Click here
Gómez Abarca Enrique Alberto 1988-2012 Click here
González Zúñiga Guillermina 2008-2010 Click here
Gutiérrez Vargas Jenny 2015-2018 Click here
Guzmán Ramírez Roy 2006-2008 Click here

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    5 Avenue, 1 and 0 Street, Central Offices, San José, Costa Rica

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    (506) 2295-5000 / Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm

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    10026-1000 San José, Costa Rica

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